About your partner in growth.

Say"Hello"👋🏽 to your Online Business Partner and Operational BFF.

I am the creative and strategic business partner you've been waiting for. My job is to do away with trash systems that aren't made for people and swap them with human-centric strategies, working with intentional CEOs like you to make purpose-aligned growth.

The boring stuff is that I'm a certified leader who’s shepherd critical rebrands and business transformations for both small agencies and enterprise organizations. Today, I'm building a more equitable world by helping solopreneurs and micro businesses scale.

But more importantly– let's talk about you.

Because you are not only the future, but you're the present, too. And you're also what drives me to do the work that I do.

Has anyone told you how valuable you are, lately?

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and the secret weapon to a more equitable world. Some could even argue that you are the economy.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) found that small businesses (those with less than 500 employees) made of 99.9% of US businesses. "

Statistically speaking, people hire people that look like them. And since women, Black women, and other marginalized groups are creating businesses at record rates– then chances are that as we scale your business, you'll help democratize access to good* work.

Basically– good business is good for business.
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*We define good work not by a degree, position, or job function. Instead, "good" work is considered work that allows workers to practice purpose in a way that feels authentic to who they are and want to be.
  • Small businesses account for 99.9% of all US businesses.
  • There are 33.2 million small businesses in the US.
  • Small companies created 9.1 million new jobs in 2019.
  • 54.4% of small businesses had fewer than 5 employees in 2018.
  • Corps with more than 50 employees make up only 5.6% of businesses.

Ready to define the future state of the world? 

See all the ways we can work together to make –ish happen.

Ready to achieve your business goals and max your impact?


Are you ready to make good things happen? | Are you ready to make good work accessible? | Are you ready to make good business growth? | Are you ready to make good strategic choices?
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Digital Resources

I'm creating a series of business tools and resources to help you capture your big dreams and align action behind them. A few are self-paced and some are group events or communal trainings. 
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Coming soon.

Potent Power Days

Gain tons of business clarity and insight in a day.The first half of the day will be all about defining your market Potent Position. The second will be building an annual plan.

This is not for the faint of business heart. 
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Ongoing Partnership

Want me strategizing and creating solutions with you for the long game? Cool– I want to be there, too. 
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