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This tool is presented in the style of a course, but it's really a digitized version of a live workshop with a clear deliverable at the end.

Over the course of five steps, I'll guide you on how to use the principles of design thinking to create exceptional customer experiences in your businesses. 
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Program facilitator
“Every business out there can provide outstanding customer service; it's all a practice of empathy. This mini-course helps you build the skill and scale it across your team."

Gisell Paula

Service Business Partner + CEO

Each customer is a walking billboard

It's not enough for you to solve the problem. You also need to provide a great experience. 

Interactive and engaging workshop micro-lessons.

Video lessons are bite-sized and ready for easy digestion at 4 minutes or less. Only get what you need; I've eliminated the fluff.

Made-for-you templates and resources that drive action.

Get building on day one with easy drag and drop business templates that take the abstract and make it actionable.

Real live support from your facilitator.

If you get stuck, know that I'm here to help get you unstuck with dedicated checkpoints to check-in.
Meet your experience guide.
Hey there!

I'm Gisell, your facilitator and CEO of Get Scrategy by Scrap Strategies, your Service Business Partner and Operational BFF. 

I do away with trash systems that aren't made for people and swap them with human-centric strategies, working with intentional CEOs like you to make purpose-aligned growth and phenomenal experiences.

If you're here, it's like you also carry a fundamental believe that good business is good for business. Let's make good business together.
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Lesson series

Customer expectations are rising.

We need to keep up with those evolving expectations if we want to keep and get new business
A 2017 Microsoft study found an almost complete correlation between companies' ability to deliver superior customer service and customers' brand loyalty. Almost all survey respondents (96%) stated customer service was important in their selection and loyalty to a brand. Since then, our service expectations have only increased.

The good news, however, is that great experience is actually so easy to do. It just takes a little bit of intentionality and whole lot of empathy.
You, too, can leverage the one tool small businesses have that give them a competitive advantage over almost every enterprise: experience

See what's inside 👇🏽

Done for you templates

Minutes of video materials

Mini lessons for easy digestion

Why Map an Outstanding Experience?

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The forever-relevant business tool kit you can reference again and again.

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